Top 5 Tips To Maintain Your Portable Storage Shed

Portable buildings such as storage and garden sheds are increasingly valuable assets that require regular maintenance. Apart from cleaning and preserving your home meticulously, it would help if you also carried out routine yard care and necessary shed conservation and repair work. Knowing how to perform regular shed maintenance will help you save both time and money in the long run.

The following are the top five tips on how to maintain your portable shed throughout the year:

Keep Your Shed Floor Dry

All types of shed floors will benefit from keeping them dry. However, if your storage shed has got a wooden floor, it’s vital to keep it in a dry state in order to protect it from excessive moisture. Many portable sheds experience continual exposure to lawn debris, wet mowers, and sometimes, oil and fuel spills.

To increase your portable shed’s useful lifespan, you need to avoid extended exposure of your shed floor to liquids. If keeping the shed floor dry is something that takes a lot of effort, it’s best to upgrade it to a pressure treated floor while ordering your portable building. You can also ask your shed builders to install your shed on a stone or concrete pad.

Apply Paint To Your Shed Floor

If you lack a durable shed floor, you can enhance the floor’s longevity by applying floor paint on it, which is specially designed for floor protection. Floor paints can help maintain your shed floor, and improve its outlook significantly, especially in the case of plywood flooring.

Protect The Area Under Your Shed

Consider installing a corrugated paneling or skirt of wire mesh between the ground and walls of your shed. This will help to protect the gap present between the ground and shed walls, which will, in turn, help avoid debris from entering the shed. Choose material through which air can flow through. Always maintain the ground level next to your shed to prevent puddling from happening.

Paint Your Portable Shed

Unless you’ve invested in a maintenance-free portable building, you must repaint your garden and storage sheds recommended by the shed builder. The original paintwork will most likely start to peel or crack at some point in time, which means it’s time to repaint your storage shed. A new paint coat will help protect your shed’s walls and provide a refreshing outlook to your entire backyard.

Add Downspouts And Gutters

The best portable building manufacturers always add the necessary accessories like eavestroughs when building a portable shed. In case your shed lacks such useful accessories, you can add downspouts to your shed to control water runoff from its roof. This will help you avoid damage to the sides of your shed when it rains.

Installing gutters and downspout mechanisms help safeguard your shed’s sides from excessive quantities of moisture and increase the useful lifespan of your shed.

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