How You Can Turn Your Storage Shed Into An Office

Remote work has become more prevalent since the start of the pandemic. However, although convenient and time-saving, working from home can become challenging for many. Low work-life balance and distractions are the biggest reasons why some employees want to go back to the office. As children, chores, and even temptations to lay back on the couch can quickly put you off work.

But what if we told you there’s a way you can go back to the office without actually having to leave your house? That’s right! Your outdoor storage shed can be turned into your dream office, offering you a professional way to get your work done while staying within your house’s premises.

Find out in this post how you can turn your outdoor shed into a quiet and productive home office.

Replace Doors Or Windows

If you want to give your shed more of an office feel, the first thing you need to do is replace its windows and doors. Make sure the new door has a secure lock and windows are well insulated. With Stahl Structures ‘s customization options, you can add additional doors and custom windows in your sheds.

Stahl Structures provides the best quality doors and windows for your portable garages or sheds. Some examples of our doors are; highly durable cold storage roll doors, insulated overhead doors, and walk-in doors of various kinds and styles. Our classic windows are energy efficient (double pane or triple pane Low E) and are 36×36 inches. Our windows also include a vinyl slider with a bug screen.

Insulate And Add Electricity

A fully functional home office must have electricity but make sure not to tackle wiring on your own. Hire a professional electrician for the job. Similarly, insulating your shed is necessary for your home office all year long and especially during the winter.

Insulation controls temperatures in your shed and protects it from moisture and extreme weather conditions. Both insulation and electricity will make your shed more liveable and comfortable during every season.

Put Up Drywall And Finishing

Once the shed has been insulated, avoid an unfinished look, and achieve a subtle finish with drywall and finishing such as window casing and crown molding. You’d also want to cover the roof of your portable structure in drywall. For simple and easy assembly, we recommend full-length drywall panels.

Paint And Decorate

For aesthetic purposes, give your shed a new coat of paint. You can choose a color that will increase your productivity. Furthermore, for making your shed comfortable, add a carpet or hardwood floor as well. If you want to skip on the flooring, a simple throw rug can easily cover the wooden base.

Once all the handiwork is complete for your home office, start decorating! Add seating, filing cabinets, and other items that might help you stay organized and focused in your home office.

Purchase The Right Shed

If you don’t already own a shed to turn into your dream office, consider purchasing one. Ensure you buy a shed of the highest quality as it will be easier to maneuver and convert into an office space. A good quality shed will also provide liveable conditions where you can focus on your work wholeheartedly.

At Stahl Structures , we provide our clients with high-quality sheds at reasonable rates. If you have any further queries about storage sheds in Alberta, kindly visit our website or call us today at 780-222-6389.

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