Portable sheds have become quite popular among homeowners; in order to meet storage requirements, people are building portable storage sheds in their backyards.

These portable sheds have made people’s lives easier since storage has always been an issue for Canadian residents; this unique solution has made it easier for homeowners to store their valuable stuff.

Before the invention of portable storage sheds, people had to choose between the stuff they really needed and what they could let go of to create more space, but with the arrival of storage sheds, people can now keep their valuables safe.

So if you are also planning to get a portable storage shed, then make sure to hire a professional shed builder from an accredited shed company.

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Since portable storage sheds are kept outside, they have to bear harsh weather conditions; hence it is important that you get them built with the highest quality material so that all your valuables stored inside them will remain safe.

A common problem many portable shed owners face is that the paint starts to peel off due to the weather. Many factors ruin the paint of portable sheds; keep reading this blog post to learn more about them.

Extreme Weather

Paint is a shed’s first layer of defence that protects the internal integrity of the shed; if it is not maintained properly, it will affect the structural integrity of your portable shed.

The biggest enemy of portable shed paint is extreme weather conditions. Intense heat or extremely low temperatures can ruin the paint of your portable storage shed.

A common mistake that most people make is that they use low-quality paint for their portable shed, thinking that since it is not a part of the house, any paint can work for it.

However, this is a very wrong misconception about portable storage sheds; since they are located outside, they need to be painted with premium quality paint so that it protects the inner layers of the shed from harsh weather conditions.

The best way to protect your portable shed paint from harsh weather conditions is by hiring a certified shed builder, as the professionals will know which paint will be best suited for the outside conditions in your region.


Bugs are also another common factor of damaged portable storage shed paint. An insect’s body fluid is highly acidic and dissolves shed paint easily.

The bug or insect might not instantly harm the surface of your portable storage shed, but over time they can cause a lot of damage to the paint of your shed.

So if you ever notice a large number of bugs on your portable shed, remove them and clean the surface immediately.

You can either use a paint-friendly bug repellent or a cleaning solution to remove the bugs from your shed’s surface. However, while wiping the surface make sure you use a clean towel and don’t scrub too hard, as scrubbing vigorously can also damage the paint of your portable storage shed.

Tree Sap

Tree sap is a natural element that can eat away the paint of your portable storage shed in no time.

Tree sap, if left over time on the surface of your portable shed, can cause discolouration and stain.

The gooey and sticky sap is very hard to remove, but if you don’t act promptly, it will ruin the paint of your portable storage shed.

The easiest way to remove tree sap is by using a paint-friendly cleaning solution on a soft towel and gently rubbing it over the affected area.

Tree sap is one of the most harmful natural materials that can eat away portable shed paint; hence if you don’t want to ruin the paint of your shed, you will have to keep a close eye for tree sap.

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