Things You Cannot Store In Portable Garages Or Garden Sheds

Until now, we have always discussed the versatility of portable buildings and how you can customize their physical characteristics as per your taste and preferences. The latter allows you to utilize portable buildings for various purposes, including outdoor leisure corners, storage areas, play areas, isolated offices, and more. However, there is something that people fail to understand in this regard. For a portable building to be used for the purposes mentioned above, you will need to put in some effort.

Proper insulation, humidity control, electricity, lighting, temperature control, and security measures are some of the things you will have to consider and cater to before your shed or garage becomes usable for the said purposes. Hearing this, many people argue that what is the point of saving costs by purchasing portable buildings when in the end, money will still have to be spent on insulation and other measures? Well, if you construct a permanent structure, wouldn’t you still need electricity, insulation, and lighting?

When you compare the final cost of both alternatives, portable buildings will still stand out as way more affordable than permanent structures. As the most reputed shed builders in Alberta, there is something crucial we want to bring to your attention regarding the topic at hand.

Although the aforementioned additional investments make a shed or a garage better in terms of usability, they are not a must. However, without these necessities, your shed or garage will be unsuitable for the storage of certain items.

This blog discusses the items you can not store in your portable garden shed if it does not have the necessary insulation, temperature, humidity, and security controls.

Sensitive Documents And Money


Secure or not, a shed or a garage is not the place to store your important documents or money. In an attempt to outsmart burglars, people often store important items in areas that would be least doubted by burglars. These areas include kitchen cabinets, bathroom wardrobes, storerooms, etc.

However, when difficult to replace items such as passports, marriage certificates, property deeds, or money are in question, it is wiser to not gamble your luck. If fate decides to outplay you one day, a petty crook might decide to invade your shed with the intention of stealing and selling your garden tools to make money for a few drinks, only to find a safe with a promising amount of money.

Propane And Other Flammable Items


It is a good idea to keep flammable items such as propane away from your house, but storing them in the least monitored and temperature-controlled spaces can be even more fatal. All it takes for these items to burst into flames is a seemingly harmless spark. The last thing you want to encounter is your garage catching fire in the middle of the night and your precious automobile burnt to ashes.

In order to save yourself from such heartache, keep propane and other flammable entities in well-ventilated and safe areas.



You might have stored your TV, DVD player, computer, and a microwave in a garage or shed to spend some alone time whenever you feel like doing so. But if the shed or garage temperature is not regulated, the intense heat will damage these electronic items. Unexpected repair costs are not a very pleasant surprise, are they?

Photos, Books, And Clothes


Photographs are great souvenirs of well-spent times but storing them is often a hassle. The vexation of rearranging them every time you search the cupboard for something important becomes unbearable at times. A similar scenario occurs with rarely used clothes and books as well.

However, sheds with unregulated temperature and moisture are not an ideal storage place. While the intense heat and humidity will surely damage these items, pests and burrowing animals will also have a good time chewing your cherished memories.


Musical Instruments And Artwork


Having a personal studio is every musician’s and artist’s dream. However, when your funds do not allow you to pursue this dream, the best alternative at your disposal is to transform a portable shed, garage, or cabin into a workshop or studio. But as mentioned earlier, you need to make the portable building usable for that particular purpose before migrating your valuables into it.

Hence, you must never store your valuable paintings or musical instruments in an unregulated shed or garage. The last thing you want to witness is fading paints and chewed-up cords.

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